Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important. We firmly believe that user privacy and data protection are human rights.

What we collect, store and how we use it

By default, we do NOT collect and store any personal information about you.

In some cases, we will collect the necessary information. This is shown in the table below.

Case The data we will collect
Add Comments Your IP address.
Your Browser type, version and language.
The time of the request.
The others No data will be collected.

We will NEVER share any personal information collected to third parties.

Cookie Policy

We currently do not use cookies. But we are using Cloudflare CDN.

Cloudflare may use some cookies. see this. In most cases, we do not use the this Cloudflare function, so you should not be affected by it usually.

Cloudflare's privacy policy.

In the future, we may use cookies. We will remind you before using cookies. The privacy policy will also be updated.

We are using Local Storage to save your preferences (such as showing sensitive contents) and name, email, website that you have typed in comments box in your browser. Preferences will never be transferred to other computers in any form.

Third-party (external websites) cookies

By using our site, you may see cookies from Google/YouTube as we often embed YouTube videos directly into the website. (Privacy Policy of Youtube)

Managing your cookies and cookie/third-party cookie preferences can be done from within your browser's options/preferences.

Third-party (external websites) static contents

We have embed multiple external static media contents. They are from imgur, imgbox, steam, Your browser will transmite to them:

When using the offline edition of this website, you will almost never encounter external sources.

Where is the site hosted

This site is hosted on Github Pages and provided contents behind Cloudflare CDN. Your browser will transmite to them:

Privacy Policy of Github

Privacy Policy of Cloudflare

When using the offline edition of this website, this policy will not apply to you.

Acceptance of this policy

Continued use of our site signifies your acceptance of this policy. If you do not accept the policy then please do not use this site.