General FAQs about FGI

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Welcome participate in FGI contributions

Do you accept straight games?

Actually yes. But most of the volunteers who contributed to this project are gay, which resulted in more gay games appearing on the list.

Even so, we've still added some straight games. If you'd like to see your favorite straight games appear on this list, don't hesitate to contribute now.

For those who want to filter out some of the sexual orientation, we offer two tags, type:bara for games with gay contents and type:yuri for games with lesbian contents. This can be used in conjunction with the "How can I make full use of the search function of this site" below.

Do you accept "Kemonomimi" games?

Never. Also, if a game contains both Kemonomimi and acceptable furries, Kemonomimi will be identified as "humankind".

How can I make full use of the "search" function of this site

See our new Search Help page

Is there a downloadable offline version

Yes, we provide offline version for furries who want to save this list locally.

The external images will included in offline version.

Build script is releasing offline version everyday, you can go to here to download one.

Questions about contributions

Can I choose to contribute anonymously

Although not recommended, we allow anonymous contributions, and we respect the requests of contributors. At the same time, if one day an anonymous contributor changes his mind and wants to add his name and contact information to the "Contributor List", we are very welcome and can add the list is ready for you! The

Please note that even if you contribute anonymously, when you use Github Pull Request, your Github account will still be automatically recorded. (If you have not set "Keep my email addresses private", your email address may also be leaked)